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Yuman was born 23 years ago, from an italian mother and a Cape-Vert father. He is the eldest of three siblings and his life, already quite challenging, had soon put him in  front of a deep pain that led him to a sudden growth. Yuman reacted  to sadness using music as a shelter; a wunderkammer, a powerfull place  of comfort against the grief he’s facing kept hidden for a long time. He then decided to open this “room” and explore its contents, making of music his life.
In 2005 he took a sabbatical  from work and travelled around Europe: after spending  some months in London he moves to Berlin, where ,during his various musical wanderings, he met the talented multi-instrumentalist and artistic  producer Francesco  Cataldo, who also moved  there  for  a while.  A  strong friendship  and  professional esteem bloomed  from this  meeting that leading them to collaborate and produce brand new four-handed tracks sung by Yuman himself.
First demos are so powerful they are enough  to get  to  the attention of  the producer Alberto Quartana, head of Leave Music, in Berlin  to complete an already existing collaboration with Francesco Cataldo.
Back to Italy Yuman signs a contract with Leave, who obtained a license agreement with Universal Music, enthusiast to become a partner of this international project he is producing.
After months  of  hard  work  and  effort  the  project is seeing  the  light  in  late  2018  with  the release of the first single TWELVE.

“When  I  compose,  whether it is  a  text  or  pure music,  I  try  to  find inspiration  from  everything around  me:  light,  colors,  details  of  the  rooms  or simply memories  or  sensations that  come  to  my mind ... Sometimes  I feel I have to give voice to the
music stemming  from  the inside; so I can transmit what  I  am unconsciously thinking.  Inspiration is  a moment and it is such an abstract concept that I do not know if it really exists ... every moment can be turned into a possible sparkle of inspiration.
In my work I  do not limit myself  and I always try not  to establish fixed rules,  so as  to remain as flexible as possible.  
My inclination is towards lyrics that narrate serious issues,  often  with  social  implications,  but without ever losing  a  touch  of  irony I consider  to  be  a fundamental key.
Loneliness is undoubtedly one of  the main  feelings of  the  entire  album,  which could eventually have become my true  mood.  My  songs  are  a  mix  of personal  stories  and  inspired ones,  ofen told  in first person.
I  listen  to  music  every day.  I  think my writing is influenced by my favorite artists, but I managed to draw my own personal path.”

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